Great Feminist Play

I love this play.

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This play is fantastic. I admit to be far from a feminist, but Trifles points out how the observances and thoughts of women are overlokked in such a way that you have to see the feminist movement in a different light.

Many people believe that central issue of the play, the subservient roles held by the female characters, justified Mrs. Wright's choice to kill her husband. I'd argue that, but the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband would eventually have caused some typr of reaction regardless. You'd hope for strength and the ability or foresight to just walk out. But no one can judge another's neglect in doing something they should have done until they're in that person's position.

Today, young pople have a hard time understanding the oppressive nature of Mrs. Wright's existence. But it may be easier to understand if one steps back and looks at the 'exploitation' of women that continues even to this day.