Treasure Island

Why is Jim caught between going towards the frightening island man and going back to silver ? What propels him forward ?

chapter 15

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Jim catches sight of a dark, shaggy creature and doesn't know if it is a human or an animal. Jim decides that he is more afraid of the creature than of the pirates, and so begins to make his way back to the general directions of the boats. Unfortunately, when he goes to make his retreat, the creature runs and catches up with him. Soon, Jim realizes that he is actually a man and for some reason, that makes him feel a bit better. Realizing that he can protect himself with his pistol, he walks towards the man who falls to his knees before Jim.

Jim soon discovers that the man, who is dressed in rags, name is Ben Gunn and that he has been alone on the island for three years, marooned by fellow pirates to live or die. A Christian (he makes very clear), Gunn is extremely excited to see another human being and touches Jim and looks at him with pleasure. Finally, he pr