Treasure Island

Who do you think is the most static pirate out them all ?

I would probably reccomend long john silver as a qualified pirate as they all say he he is very humerous and always alert of who is around him

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First; I don't know what you mean by static????? I thought that had something to do with radio piracy :-D

I'll agree with Long John Silver...... he's my favorite part of the book and has always been my favorite characet in any other the movies. Every pirate in every movie or book since the printing of Treasure Island has been based on his character. He's funny, tough, violent, and he's tricky, but he's always interesting.


Treasure Island

i dont really know to be honest with you lol but thanks for the answer and how did that guy survive on the island for those 3 years ?

And yes i agree with you 2

He survived on the island by eating goats...... and wait, there's something else.....

I would probably say the book is always more intresting rather than the movie as you can picture in your head whats going on in the story and basically tell the story yourself

How old are you may i ask ......oh and what was the other thing you were gonna say ???????

Is there anything else you would like to ask me ??????????????

What was the scene were jim was on the boat and they were on the island looking for long john silver... ? :) please get back to me ASAP