Treasure Island

Which characters have higher moral standards?

treasure island

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In many ways , this is a coming of age tale for the protagonist Jim Hawkins. He certainly learns about morality and values in the cutthroat world of piracy. Through this process, Jim transforms from someone who is merely an onlooker, to an active participant who determines his own fate by courageous, and often very risky, actions.

Mrs. Hawkins or Jim's mother is another character with strong values. The only female in the book makes her only brief appearance at the beginning of Treasure Island. Her character is most revealed in the actions that she takes in order to assure that she gets what is her due from Billy Bones treasure. By being able to go back and return to the inn in the face of grave danger, she sets an example that Jim follows later in the book.

From the moment that Dr. Livesey appears in Treasure Island, he is depicted as an arbitrator who is fair, intelligent, fearless, and well-organized. As he becomes involved in the treasure hunt, he also shows consideration and kindness to Jim, thus, becoming one of many surrogate parental figures to Jim in the course of the novel.