Treasure Island

what complication does the protagonist face on this story?

a boy named jim hawkins lives with his parents in an inn they run in 18th century england. after a sea captin named billy bones passes away in the inn, jim iscovers a tresure map in billys trunk. when a group of piarates come looking for the map, jim takes the map to a neibhor, squire trelawny, who helps jim arrange a sea voyage to find the tresure. the captin of the ship they hireunwittingly hires a crew, long jhon silver, leads the crew in mutiny and threatens jim and the captin. with the help of half crazed man named ben gunn,who has lived alone on the island for years, jim is able to retake the ship and outwith the piarates, including silver.

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Are you referring to just the paragraph that you included?