Treasure Island

Treasure Island, Chapter 32

What is the difference between superstition an faith? What is Stevenson's opinion about religion in general, or Dick's (the buccaneer with the bible) faith specifically?

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Superstition is generally considered to be without merit. They are like "old wives tales" steeped in some type of mythos rather than anything substantial. Faith has connotations of an ethos or loyalty to a belief system. It has a measurable quality about it. I don't think there is any direct references to Stevenson's faith in this chapter. There is certainly the duality of Silver. In this chapter, you also clearly experience the dual personality of Long John Silver. The mere thought of the treasure brings out his "evil" side as he yells at Jim Hawkins and tries to make both men move quickly to the treasure. This is in sharp contrast to the loving, father like attitude that he has taken towards Jim in the previous few chapters. Once again, Jim's father has abandoned him.