Treasure Island

There are several hints of what is to come in the letter. What are they and what do they suggest may happen?

Chapter 7

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Why confusing? He is in Bristol taking care of the plans for their upcoming trip. He can't find a good crew......... that's foreboding. When you're out in the middle of the ocean you need a crew that's capable of handling things.

The request for a possible search party........... if you weren't apprehensive and worried about the "things to come," you wouldn't leave instructions like that.

I have provided you with exact quotes from the text, because that's what I expect from my own students. Answers need to interpreted from the text.

He had a hard time finding a "good" crew.

"It was the crew that troubled me. I wished a round score of men--in case of natives, buccaneers, or the odious French--and I had the worry of the deuce itself to find so much as half a dozen."

When Squire Trelawney hired the ship, he also told everyone in Bristol that he was on a treasure hunt.........

Squire Trelawney has also cited that his servant Blandly will send a search party after the Hispaniola if he doesn't hear from them by August. It's now March. Ya think he's a little nervous?


Treasure Island/ Chapter 7

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