Treasure Island

Questions on Treasure Island, Chapter 30-On Parole

Please answer any question you know ASP. It is my homework. Thank you so much.

1. Why is the doctor civil to Jim and calmly committed to treating the wounded?

2. What effect does Silver's allowing Jim to speak with the doctor have on the buccaneers? Why does it change?

3. How does Silver's demeanor change when he's with his men versus with the doctor? Why does it change?

4.The doctor believes that Jim has loyally aided the Captain's men at every turn. Is this true?

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Because it's his moral duty...........

Early the next morning, Dr. Livesey appears at the stockade in order to take care of those men that are his patients. Long John Silver informs the doctor of Jim's presence and the doctor just nods grimly to Jim and proceeds to his patients, treating them professionally and showing absolutely no fear about being in the midst of the enemy.

The major thing to remember is that his good fortune is due as much to luck as to skill. That is evident, even to the other characters, in this chapter as Dr. Livesey tells him, "There is a kind of fate in this. Every step, it's you that saves our life."

You need to sunbmit each of your questions one at a time.