Treasure Island

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Question: Animals-horses, parrots, sea lions- appear at dramatic points in the novel. A number of characters have physical characteristics or names from animal world- Benn Gunn, Black Dog, Dogger, Tom Redruth was the gamekeeper at the squire's estate. Why does Stevenson (I think the author) blur the line between humans and animals in Treasure Island? (Use details from the novel).

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Animals in Treasure Island are related to the pirates. Silver has a parrot named Cap’n Flint. The parrot embodies the pirate life as well as Silver's more brutal side. The parrot screeches about greed and violence that the pirates seem to live by. Is the parrot mimicking the pirates or perhaps mocking them? At times Stevenson compares pirates to wild monkeys as they think as a wild mob rather than individually. At the same time, when Jim stares down the pirates in ch. 28, they become like submissive sheep.