Treasure Island

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For the second question, Aslan, I wanted to say like what did Jim learn (lessons) from Silver and Dr.livesey........ It can be bad or good. Umm.... like Jim learned how to save himself with a gun from Silver or something, I do not know so I am asking you. You read the whole book. I did not. I am a new student. I came late. And they have finished the book. I only read the last chapter with them and now the teacher gave me this task (it's for everyone to)

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I think Jim's lessons came out of his own experiences rather than lessons from the two men. Jim did pick up on Livesey's sense of calm and order. He also picked up on Silver's great powers of manipulation. Jim, however, matures from a boy into a young man. He very much becomes his own person. Rather than learning lessons from Silver and Livesey, Jim gains more insight into human nature.