Treasure Island

Is Captain Smollett a better leader than John Silver?....

In Robert Louis Stevenson's book, "Treasure Island", Captain Smollett and John Silver are both leaders in the novel. Who is the better leader? What are the similarities & differences between John Silver and Captain Smollett? What are 2 examples of Captain Smollett's leadership style with explanations? What are 2 examples of John Silver's leadership style with explanations?

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This is only a short answer space. Smollett is probably a better captain in terms of a typical crew. Silver, however, is a better manipulator of men and certainly more entertaining than Smollett. Robert Louis Stevenson paints this character much more vividly than any of the "good" or "bad" characters and Long John Silver is not "good" or "bad" but rather a composite of both. Because of his openness about his greediness and mercileness, his pursuit of the gold seems more justified than the greediness and evilness of the "good" characters. This character is based on the Stevenson's friend, the poet W.E. Henly, who lost one of his feet. Of all the characters painted in Treasure Island, Long John Silver is the most vivid, most remembered, and most picturesque.