Treasure Island

how has the writer structured the text in chapter 1 to interest the reader?

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Significantly, the first chapter sets the background for many of the stylistic elements that Robert Louis Stevenson later explores in Treasure Island. First, Stevenson's narrative style is notable. The first paragraph is a good example of Stevenson's narrative technique, as well as a model of romance suggestion. Its single sentence conveys a degree of haste as it plunges the reader directly into the action. The reader learns that the story is to be told by one of the participants in an adventure; the adventure is to concern buried treasure, some of which still remains on the island where it was concealed; the adventurers are gentleman who hop to benefit from their discovery; and their adversaries in the hunt are pirates. By the end of the first chapter, all the elements of the subsequent action are established, an impressive feat in a chapter of this length. The harried pace of the narrative continues throughout the book, marking a distinctive style.