Treasure Island

How does Long John Silver further his evil plot once on the island

please be 2 sentences to a paragraph

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After land is sighted, a battle ensues between Captain Smollett's royal forces and Silver's swarthy pirates. Jim escapes ashore and falls in with Ben Gunn, an unfortunate seaman who was marooned by Captain Flint three years earlier. Treading the boundary between the opposing camps, Jim wins the confidence of Gunn (who leads Dr. Livesy to the treasure, which the marooned sailor has transferred to his secret cave) and recaptures the Hispaniola after cutting her hawser and sending Israel Hands to his death at the bottom of the sea. Following a near-fatal experience with the surviving pirates (who arrogantly tip their leader the black spot and then rescind it once they realize that he has the treasure map), Jim accompanies Silver on the treasure hunt. When the angry rogues discover that the treasure has been removed, Silver Shoots George Merry (the rebellious rascal who had deposed him the previous evening). Firing musket balls form the surrounding trees, Dr. Livesey, Squire Trelawney, and Ben Gunn force the remaining freebooters into the interior of the island.