Treasure Island

How did silver motivate Dick to become a pirate?

Short answer plz

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He motivates Dick with flattery;

‘‘Tain’t much use for fools, you may lay to it—that, nor nothing,’ cried Silver. ‘But now, you look here: you’re young, you are, but you’re as smart as paint. I see that when I set my eyes on you, and I’ll talk to you like a man.’

He cites the possiblity of fortune;

"I set up gentleman in earnest. Time enough too, says you. Ah, but I’ve lived easy in the meantime, never denied myself o’ nothing heart desires, and slep’ soft and ate dainty all my days but when at sea. And how did I begin? Before the

mast, like you!’

Source(s): Treasure Island/ Part II/ Chapter Eleven