Treasure Island

During the Voyage, what is revealed about the ships crew?

This is in chapter 10

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This chapter is a count of the majority of the voyage to the island, and the narrator explains for brevity sakes, he only recounted the highlights of the voyage. Apparently, the first significant thing that happened on the trip was that the first mate, Mr. Arrow, was useless because he was always drunk. One night, he disappeared, most probably, having fallen over the side of the ship when he was drunk. As a consequence of his absence, many people have taken over his job, including the boatswain, Job Anderson, Mr. Trelawney, who took a watch (but only in good weather), and the coxswain, Israel Hands, an experienced seaman and a close friend of Long John Silver.

Although he only has one leg, Long John Silver (whose nickname is Barbeque) moves around the ship thanks to ropes and contraptions that are set up. At times, he uses rope around his neck to carry his crutch with him as he travels to and fro on the contraptions. Jim notices that Long John Silver has befriended all on the ship, doing favors for them in order to make them indebted to him. He is extremely well liked, and as the coxswain tells Jim, he is courageous and well educated. Throughout this time, the captain and the squire get along no better than they did in the previous chapter.