Treasure Island

Describe the character the blind beggar.

In chapter 3 and why do you think the man came to the inn?

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Here is a description of the man,

He was plainly blind, for he tapped before him with a stick and wore a great green shade over his eyes and nose; and he was hunched, as if with age or weakness, and wore a huge old tattered sea-cloak with a hood that made him appear positively deformed.I never saw in my life a more dreadful-looking figure.

"The man is there to give the Captain a message which apparently also gives hil a heart attack, We both obeyed him to the letter, and I saw him pass something from the hollow of the hand that held his stick into the palm of the captain's, which closed upon it instantly."Ten o'clock!" he cried. "Six hours. We'll do them yet," and he sprang to his feet.

Even as he did so, he reeled, put his hand to his throat, stood swaying for a moment, and then, with a peculiar sound, fell from his whole height face foremost to the floor."