Treasure Island

Although it had been a long sea voyage, Why do you think Jim said he wasn't eager to go ashore on Treasure Island?

Treasure Island Part III

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Jim was afraid of what the island would inspire in the man who landed there. Mutiny was afoot, the men were edgy, and there was sure to be trouble. Staying on the ship seemed like a safer alternative than the mystery that awaited him ashore.

Perhaps it was this—perhaps it was the look of the island, with its grey, melancholy woods, and wild stone spires, and the surf that we could both see and hear foaming and thundering on the steep beach—at least, although the sun shone bright and hot, and the shore birds were fishing and crying all around us, and you would have thought anyone would have been glad to get to land after being so long at sea, my heart sank, as the saying is, into my boots; and from the first look onward, I hated the very thought of Treasure Island.


Treasure Island