Touching Spirit Bear

Why is Cole so rebellious and defiant?

*Using only Chapter 1, 2, and 3 text support.

*Two details from the text to support

*Opinion allowed

*Not detailed, can give page # instead of exact text.

*short-answer, doesn't need to be paragraph.

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Much of the story is written in flashback. There are a few quotes regarding Cole's frustrations with his parents.,

"Last year I went out for wrestling. I had to beg my parents to comewatch me. It was like they were ashamed of me."

Cole's only outlet for his frustrations seems to be violence which is why he is in the justice circle.

Also, we actually read about Cole's physical abuse through the tears of his frustrations, "hot tears escaped his reddened and angry eyes and flooded his cheeks. This banishment was the ultimate hurt- worse than his father's fists."