Touching Spirit Bear

What is the point of view?

Why do you think the author chose this point of view? Thanks aslan you the best!

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Why thank you! The story is written in third person omniscient. I think Mikaelsen did this because Cole is not a very dependable protagonist. His interpretations are limited by his maturity and emotional scars. As the book progresses, Cole begins to be more dependable and we see the author switching to Cole more and more. For the most part, it is essential that we see life through elders like Edwin and Garvey as well as Cole. The reader can stay grounded without getting carried away with Cole's intensity and emotion.

limited omnicient

I'm sure the author used this point of view because it allowed him to develop not only his characters, but the story plot to its fullest.

I guess we both left out a word, it's the third person limited omniscient. I just checked my teacher's guide from the publisher.

The point of view

Itdignificant the way a story get & told -the mode establishednt by an auther the reader is present with the characters diologs action setting and events which constitute the narrative in a work of fiction


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