Touching Spirit Bear

What is the bear mean in the book?

Give evidence

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The most important element of nature is the presence of the Spirit Bear as a symbol of nature's justice. When Cole is mauled by the Spirit Bear after trying to attack it, his pride and his resistance to change are crushed and overwhelmed. He is incredibly humbled by this force of nature, and it is through this transformational process that he is able to heal and find a new path for his life. The Spirit Bear, like nature, is indifferent to Cole's tantrums, manipulations, or frustration. Cole lashes out at the bear and finally it notices Cole. Cole is realizing that there is more to this bear than simply "kicking his ass". Cole sees more of a lesson in this, he is beginning to see a reason. Although bloody and beat Cole senses the bear's magnificence. The bear had already brought him humility and truth.