Touching Spirit Bear

What do they mean when they ask why the story is set where it is?

Do they mean why the author wrote it like that or who proposed the idea and why? I need help this is my last question!

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What makes the "place" the story is told the perfect setting? Does something happen in this place that couldn't happen anywhere else? In the case of Touching Spirit Bear the island is our primary setting, and Cole learns a lot about himself and the world around him while there........ he is being taught a specific concept (the Circle of Life) in an aboriginal setting because he's learning a life lesson. Cole has been brought back to the basics....... this is why the author set the story where he did.


Touching Spirit Bear

Thank you guys for all your help ^ - ^ IM DONE FINALLY YESSSSS!!! *Victory dance* I couldnt do this without you Jill, Aslan, and anyone else if I forgot to mention. Thank your so much!