Touching Spirit Bear

what did cole want most????

i am making a summer reading project and need to know SOON... please help!!

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It a lll depends on where in the novel you mean. He wants different things at different times. Can you be more specific?

through the whole book

Cole develops from an emotionally wounded boy to a more enlightened self- aware young man. Initially Cole wanted power over others. He manipulated adults and intimidated kids to get feel power. He usually got what he wanted in terms of material possessions but the point always seemed to be power over other people. His vicious beating of Peter was an example of this. Cole learns to let go of power in increments. The Spirit bear beats the stuffing out of Cole and that's his turning point. Cole begins to want to be part of things, part of the cycle of nature. By the end of the book, Cole wants to help Peter. Cole wants to give back positive energy instead of negative energy.