Touching Spirit Bear

What are the different circles ( also called cycles ) descrided in Touching Spirit Bear, and why are they important to the characters? How might better understanding life circle help you know more about yourself and others?

Must be in a 1 page, and include an introduction, body with evidence, conclusion and textual evidence to support your response. Cite page numbers in parenthesis.

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I recall the healing circle and the circle of life in this book. Cole is inthe healing circle to decide his fate for beating up Peter. In this circle, Cole must try to connect with himself as well as connect with Peter. Cole must take responnsibility for his actions as well as atone for his actions. Cole also discovers that he is a part of the circle of life. He begins to understand that he can be a positive force in the circle of life or continue being a negative force. After getting mauled by the Spirit Bear, Cole discovers that it is better to give himself to positive energy of the circle rather than take away from it.