Touching Spirit Bear

What are the conflicts in touching spirit bear?

Conflicts in touching spirit bear

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Cole Matthews is what we consider a juvenile delinquent. He is 15 years old and has a lot of emotional issues. His father is an abusive raging alcoholic and his mother is complacent. So one day Cole's pent up rage is taken out on a boy named Peter who Cole thinks told on him. The real conflict is Cole vs himself. Cole embarks on a journey to understand his rage and take responsibility for his actions. With the help of two Tlingit Indian men, named Edwin and Garvey, Cole gets a chance at banishment (instead of prison). He gets a year on an island, in Alaska, by himself. On this island he faces many physical and emotional challenges. THe conflicts that Cole has on the island are mostly internal as his challenges tie into the main conflict of Cole re-discovering himself.