Touching Spirit Bear

What are the conflicts?

please make it seem like i wrote it. im 12.

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Hey the intent here is not to write it for you. Hopefully this will give you the information to write it yourself. Besides, I have not written like a 12 year old since I was 12!

Cole Matthews is what we consider a juvenile delinquent. He is 15 years old and has a lot of emotional issues. His father is an abusive raging alcoholic and his mother is complacent. So one day Cole's pent up rage is taken out on a boy named Peter who Cole thinks told on him. The real conflict is Cole vs himself. Cole embarks on a journey to understand his rage and take responsibility for his actions. With the help of two Tlingit Indian men, named Edwin and Garvey, Cole gets a chance at banishment (instead of prison). He gets a year on an island, in Alaska, by himself. On this island he faces many physical and emotional challenges. All these challenges tie into the main conflict of Cole re-discovering himself.

cole matthews is what we considered a juvinile delinquent