Touching Spirit Bear

Touching Spirit Bear Island Setting

Im supossed to write about 17 examples of the the setting in the book. I would like help please :) Thank soo much if you can, I need to hand these in tomorrow!!

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I guess you are referring to the small settings in different scenes. I can relate a few that come to mind but it won't be seventeen.

-An island near the city of Drake in Southeastern Alaska.

- Minneapolis, Minnesota,

-a youth detention center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

-Cole's cell at the youth detention center.

-the freezing pond on the island.

- the city of Drake (hospital) where Cole is first taken after he is injured by the bear.

-Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

-Place of Circle Justice.

Thanks! Do you know what page numbers those are all on? if not thats ok i will just try and find them! :)


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Sorry, I don't recall the specific page numbers. Check out the GradeSaver chapter summaries and at least you will know what chapter to look at. The chapters are not very long.

Oh ok thanks! No worries!