Touching Spirit Bear

Think about the setting and how it impacted the mood

Think about the ways Ben Mikaelson described the setting. Explain how the setting impacted the mood of the story, what vivid language could be used to make the setting description have more impact?

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Sure they are harsh and eerie at night, Cole is not used to this. The island and nature sets her own terms. Cole is used to manipulating people to his own ends. He can't manipulate nature. He almost drowns trying to swim and his spirit bear beats the stuffing out of him. This helps set the sort of mood and tone I am referring to.

This all depends which setting you are referring to. The settings switch between Minneapolis and an island off Alaska. I'm thinking you mean Alaska. Certainly this island is rough, remote and isolating. The language Mikaelson uses often reflects this harshness in both mood and tone. As the waters reshape the rocks, the island re-shapes Cole. It chisels his mind, body, and spirit into something new. There is also a spiritual aspect to the island that also affects Cole in a positive way.

I am referring to Alaska... Thanks for your answer! I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on it.. So would it be wrong to say the conditions are harsh an eerie at night? I am not sure... Could you please go into more detail?