Touching Spirit Bear

some of coles friends

such as garvey

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Garvey works in the juvenile justice system, and he has focused his efforts on helping Cole out of his difficult situation. He had his own run-ins with the law back in his youth, and he is determined to help other youth stop ruining their lives. He is the first one to propose that Cole go through Circle Justice, and he even comes in to the juvenile detention center on weekends to talk to Cole and help him through difficult times, even though Cole initially shows him no respect or appreciation.

Edwin is a Tlingit Indian from Drake, Alaska who is brought in to help Cole through his time of banishment on an island by the Tlingit village of Drake. In his youth, he was banished to the same island as Cole for a year, and he truly wants to help Cole in his path to healing. He often speaks in metaphor, using nature imagery, and he teaches Cole different Indian dances and routines on the island that help him through the difficult times.

Peter is a young fifteen-year-old who was badly beaten up by Cole. Since Cole went as far as smashing his head repeatedly against the sidewalk, Peter's injuries have left him with a speech problem and vivid nightmares. He is shy, quiet, and terrified of Cole's presence after that moment forward. He too harbors anger, but it is directed against Cole. The reader comes to know Peter and his own path to healing in the second half of the book, as Cole comes to see that their two paths of forgiveness and healing are intertwined.


I suppose one of Cole's problems is that he has no friends. He is so angry all the time, he can't develop a positive relationship. Garvey is Cole's support worker. His friendship with Cole is more of a mentor figure who gently nudges Cole kicking and screaming towards self-discovery. Edwin is an aboriginal elder who quietly mentors Cole as well. I suppose by the end of the book a friendship develops but for the most, Cole feels isolated and alone.