Touching Spirit Bear

review the four comments made about cole at the circle on page 46. which comments do you agree with? whoch ones do you disagree with? justify your answer.

chapter 5

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"That boy is dangerous," she said. "Next time he might kill someone."

I agree, Cole is filled with anger, and we've seen that throughout these first five chapter. He feels no regret for his actions, not the beating of Peter, or the burning of the supplies and shelter. He is dangerous.

"Cole must go to jail and get anger counseling," somebody said. "He's proved he can't be trusted.

Again, based on the first five chapters I would agree.......... but that's what the circle is for. It's not an accepted form of counseling (at least not that we'd initially consider), but the bystander is right. Cole was sent there for a purpose, and his trials hadn't even begun before he was destroying the help they'd provided.

"We've always wanted the best for Cole," he said. "His mother and I have devoted our lives to him, but he-- "

In this I agree with Cole, who in the very next line says his father is a liar. Cole's father drinks too much and beats him. His parents aren't acting as parents; they haven't done their job; and parenting is a job. When you have anger in a home, that anger is bound to erupt outside of the home. Cole is a young man. He hasn't learned to control or direct his anger in the direction in comes from (obviously), and even then he hasn't learned any other way. Violence breeds violence. A person's environment does have an impact on who they become. Cole is a perfect example of this.


Touching Spirit Bear