Touching Spirit Bear

in what ways is bannishment bad?

basically im writing a paper of negatives things about banishment.

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There are times I would love to be banished! :-D

On the other hand, banishment would be most difficult because of the complete isolation. No one to talk to, no one to spend time with....... there are moments we'd all like to be on our own to work things out, but it would be completely different if someone else told us we had to and dictated the duration and type of isolation. You also have to think about everyday things. In Cole's case he would have had to take care of everything alone. This included the cooking, the hunting, and protecting his home. Problem solving skills would be imperative, as there wouldn't be anyone else to help you out of a jam. It would be difficult, but it wouldn't be impossible.

you just saved my grade and life!!! thank you!!!