Touching Spirit Bear

In the book Touching Spirit Bear what is ther exposition,rising actions which include conflicts and complications,climax,falling action and resolution

based on the story line we need events from the book that match each part to the above question

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1) The exposition is simply that the novel tells the story of a troubled boy, who needs to learn consequences and understand the anger that has placed him where he is. Sent away, he comes into contact with nature and the world with no outside forces to affect his actions. He has altercations with the Spirit Bear, and those interactions will teach him more about himself then he's ever learned. We see many changes is Cole from beginning to end, and also see changes in the lives of those around him.

2) The rising action finds Cole mauled by a bear, and after a short recovery being sent back to the island. Cole heals slowly and faces many more challenges.

3) The climax of the novel is definitely Cole's success in becoming "invisible," at one with the things around him. This "invisibility" will finally free him to clearly see everything around him and relate to the things around him as well.

4) Cole and Peter learn to forgive each other, and because of this they see the Spirit Bear.

5) The resolution in the story can be found in all of Cole's relationships; his relationships with his mother and father, the new relationship he's found with Peter, and most importantly the relationship he now has with his own self.


Touching Spirit Bear