Touching Spirit Bear

In chapter 27, what are 5 things peter does to show that he still dislikes cole?

Could anyone please help me answer that, i need an answer for it for my homework paper thats due tomorrow, and my english teacher wouldnt allow us to take the books home, that she is having us read from.

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Peter begins to pester Cole by mudding up his sleeping bag, destroying some of Cole’s carvings, and doing other things to annoy him. Cole offers him a totem pole of his own to carve, and Peter reluctantly accepts it. Cole is particularly angered when Peter denies that Cole was attacked by an actual Spirit Bear and says it was probably just a black bear. At the end of the chapter, Peter carves back the bear that he had scratched off of Cole’s totem pole, and Cole is so impressed by Peter’s carving skills that he asks Peter to teach him how to carve better.