Touching Spirit Bear

I have 10 question so someone please help!!

1. How long will cole be in southeast alaska?

2. What does the circle want to believe about Cole?

3. Who does cole blame for his banishment on the island?

4. After cole spits on the bear wht does the bear do?

5. What does cole eat after the mauling?

6. What does cole do wuth the white hair he pulled from the bear? WHY?

7. Who will sponsor cole to his 2nd trip to the island?

8. What should cole celebrate on his second trip to the island?

9. What does cole make out of the huge log?

10. How does the relationship between cole and peter change?

Please help i forgot to read it for summer reading.

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Hey, it's actually a quick read. Anyhow, you need to ask the questions separately to get many replies. I'll take one of them now though.

What does the circle want to believe about Cole?

This depends on when you mean. Before his first trip the circle hears some pretty damning stories about Cole. He basically beat poor Peter to a pulp. The Circle wants to believe Cole can change which is why the let him go on his self-quest. They also put great faith in Garvey, Cole's youth worker, who really tries to recommend Cole.

1. The first time they send Cole to the island it's innatailly supposed to be a year experience.

2. The circle wants to believe Cole has a wanting to forgive Peter and move on from his anger. The circle wants to beleive Cole's actions are true so that they can truly make a difference in Cole.

3. Cole blames Peter, Peter's laywer, his parents,and the circle. He hates everone involved and caught up in this mess

4. After Cole spits on the bear the bear licks it because he was curous showing no harm to Cole.

5.After the mauling Cole eats various things from the environment around him, he eats bugs, worms, a mouse and he drinks water from a near by mud puddle.

6. Cole throws it away to show he doesnt care if people believe him because he believes himself and thats all that matters to him. He wants his own word to be enough for people to believe him, not needing constant proof.

7. Cole's second trip to the island is sponsered by Garvey and Edwin. The money they need for it is collected from selling all Coles old possesions.

8. umm. That he got a true second chance?? not sure on the question.

9. Out of the huge log Cole makes a totem pole showing all the animals hes seen and each lesson hes learned from them. It's his story, his search and his past hes representing.

10. Throughout the book Cole and Peter go form enemies to sort of friends. At the begining Cole hates Peter for getting him into this mess, and peter is terrified of Cole rebeating him. they have to contact until Peter comes to the island with Cole there to try to heal from his fear. Cole lets Peter get his anger out so that he can truly forgive Cole, and in the end they still have a long way to full forgivness but they begin to trust and understand each other.


The book, and this helped studying for my exam 2morrow. :)

1- 1 year

2- i dont think so

3 -NO

4- reading in class tell later


6- yes




10-idkkk yet :)

i hoped i helped :)) thanks


me myself and i :)))

1. At first 1 year.

2. That he will change and not break the law again.

3. Everyone

4. It doesn't land on the bear it lands on the grass and the bear licks it up

5.3 bugs, a mouse, and his own vomit. Yummy.

6. He throws it in the water. Because he thinks people will trust him so he won't need proof.

7.Him. He sells all his stuff. And Garvey on the first trip.

8. Being there.

9.A canoe at first, but then he makes a totem pole

10.At first Cole hates Peter, than Peter hates Cole, and then they kinda forgive each other


Me the person who read the book