Touching Spirit Bear

How will Cole change his ways once he leaves the island?

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I believe that Cole will try to continue changing his ways once he and Peter leave the island. Cole might even try to help others learn how to heal; he will probably try to fix the whole school and try to make it a safe place. Cole will also keep working on perfecting how to control his anger. I also think that he and Peter might have a hard time because they have been on the island for about a year, and probably forgot what it is like back at school, where there are still bullies, peer-pressure and a lot of other bad influences.


I figured it out on my own :D

Okay, I assume you are referring to the end of the story. By this time Cole has come to terms with his rage. He even lets Peter hit him. Cole seems to have stopped playing games of manipulation and started to become responsible for his actions. He has a sense of self-awareness that he never had before. I think Cole will be successful when he finally leaves. If anything, he might follow in the footsteps of Garvey and help another troubled teen.

Thank you guys for all your help ^ - ^ IM DONE FINALLY YESSSSS!!! *Victory dance* I couldnt do this without you Jill, Aslan, and anyone else if I forgot to mention. Thank your so much!