Touching Spirit Bear

How did Coles attitude change when he was Removed aNd then put back on the island

I need an answer On my summer reAding but I hAte the book so any help out there

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When Cole was removed from the island he was pretty beat up from the bear chewing on him. Cole was still angry at the world and did not take responsibility for his actions. After witnessing his parent’s behaviour and being counselled by Garvey. As he recovered, Cole knew that something was changing inside of him. He had to get back to the island. Cole basically sells all his possessions to go back. By the end of his second time around Cole was more self-realized. He takes responsibility for his actions and has released some of his anger.

When Cole left and came back he was ready to start his healing process. He had started a new path for himself and was eager to learn how to get over his anger and fully heal. Garvey and Edwin helped by showing how they went through their own journey and ways and how Cole van help himself through their learned ways