Touching Spirit Bear

How did cole learn patience, strength, honesty, and gentleness? (Provide examples)

How did Cole learn patience, strength, honesty, and gentleness. Can you explain how Cole changes in your own words. Give examples - MLA Citations - from the bok, in proper in text citation format.

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This is very much an essay question that is too long for this short-answer forum. Consider the attack of the Spirit Bear on Cole. That is the turning point for Cole in the story: he begins to change at this point. The spirit bear really beat Cole up the first time around on the island. Cole had been aggressive to the bear trying to scare it away. Cole was being his same old controlling self. The Spirit Bear is supposed to be a reflection of Cole's own spirit. The second time around Cole is more self-aware, he has let much of his anger go. Cole wants to see his Spirit Bear but without all his negative energy. He wants to see the reflection of his inner change in his bear.