Touching Spirit Bear

How did Cole feel towards thr baby birds and why??

He did worried but i really do not know why . In chapter 9

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THe image of the bird nest is a key symbol worth exploring further. When Cole first sees the nest in the tree above him, he feels jealous of the baby birds that have someone who loves them—the mother bird. The baby birds are a symbol of the love and affection that Cole has so craved but has not let into his life.Still he feels compassion for them as they lay there broken like he is. This is Cole's first inclination that he can care about something other than himself, he can be a force for good.


the baby sparrows it is so stupid why should i awnser this question

he felt bad because he seen them fall out from the storm. He also rememberd in his mind that he had been beat that is what got him into the bear fight


AKA he felt really sorry