Touching Spirit Bear


Does anyone know the answer to this? "Explain the quote “The whole world is a hot dog” and how it applies to Cole specifically."

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“Yes, [the hot dog celebration] was a big deal. It was a party. It was a feast. It was a sharing and a celebration. All because that is what I made it. Yours was simply food because that is all you chose for it to be. All of life is a hot dog. Make of it what you will. I suggest you make your time here on the island a celebration.”

Garvey to Cole, p. 166

Upon returning for a second time to the island, Garvey makes this comment to Cole in order to help him understand the importance of changing one's mindset. This approach to positive thinking as a tool for personal growth was an essential point in Cole's development that allows him to approach his time of isolation on the island with excitement rather than resentment or boredom.