Touching Spirit Bear

HELP!! Vocabulary.

Directions: Look in the chapter given in column one. Read the definition in column two. Find the word that begins with the letter given in column three and complete the word.

Chapter Definition Word

1 Expelled; state of exile B

1 Cruel; fierce V

2 Give or let have unwillingly G

2 Shuffled along; ambled M

2 Waved, flourished B

2 Imagine in a fanciful way F

2 Spiteful; poisonous V

3 Indicative of gloomy ill humor S

3 Filled with scorn; mockery S

5 Deception; false impression I

5 Dedicated D

6 Scornfully reproached; challenged T

6 Adapting or changing to suit one’s purpose M

7 Pertaining to womb-like character F

8 Greedy; excessive eating G

8 Oozed; passed gradually S

9 At random; by chance H

10 Wasted S

11 Fill again R

12 Outlined; drawing like a shadow S

13 Handles or used roughly M

14 Broke the promise; showed disrespect V

15 Patient acceptance; quiet submission R

16 Annoyed; irritated I

18 Exhausted; without energy W

19 Waste time; idled D

21 Gloominess; sadness D

23 Followed a winding course M

24 Fixed; regular method of doing things R

25 Doubtful; undecided H

25 Restoration to good condition R

26 Sudden; vigorous attack A

26 Charge; care C

26 Self-satisfied smile S

27 Skillfully planned movement M

27 Sneering or cutting remark S

27 Hypnotize M

28 Beat P

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I can do most of these - some you may need to look up yourself. I list them here in order for you, with just the letter for those which are baffling me at the moment!

banished, vicious, g, meandered, brandished, fantasised, venomous, sanguine,sarcastic, devoted, t, modified, foetal, guzzling, s, happenstance, refill, silhouette, m, v, r, i, w, dawdled, depression, meandered, routine, h, repair, assault, c, smirk, manoevre, snide, mesmerise, punish.

Good luck with the missing ones. I will give tehm some though and may add them later if I can.