Touching Spirit Bear

edwin uses a stick to demonstrate a point to cole.what is this point?

its in chapter 17

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Edwin and Garvey wake Cole up early after he has had a restless night without much sleep and with many dreams and anxieties. They go to the stream and Edwin declares that they will go swimming in a freezing pond to teach Cole a lesson. He makes Cole dip completely into the water shoulder-high and then asks him to break a stick, whose left side represents anger and right side represents happiness. The lesson implied is that if you focus on anger and try to break the left side off, a left side of the stick always remains. Edwin tells Cole how when he was banished to the island he would dip himself everyday in the freezing pond and try to focus on the happy end of the stick, not the angry end.


the point is you try to get rid of all the anger, but you cant it will always be there

edwin deomontrated to cole with a stick about happiness and angryness