Touching Spirit Bear

Do you think Cole deserved the beating he received from Peter? Why or why not?

chapter 28

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Yes, I think Peter owen him that one. There's a healing process going on here..... and I believe it needed to happen in order for the boys to move forward. I don't condone violence or fighting, but the boys are on the island for a reason.


Touching Spirit Bear/ Chapter 28

After reading this book the reader gets the senses that Cole has moved past simple acts of retribution. "An eye for an Eye", so to speak, only contributes to the cycle of violence. I don't think deserve really has much to do with it. Cole is paying a price and if Peter's lashing out offers Peter some solace, Cole is willing to oblige. What is important here is that Cole has transcended the anger and violence; he is trying to give Peter a shot at a similar redemption.