Touching Spirit Bear

Do you feel bad for what has happened to Cole? Why or why not?

chapter 8

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I work with teenage children everyday. Every child is different; they come from different backgrounds, their families are different, their cultures are different....... some of the children I've worked with over the years are troubled. You try to get them help before they become so angry there's no compassion or remorse inside of them.

Yes, I feel bad for him. You'd have to be as emotionally detached and lacking in humanity as Cole is to not feel bad for him. No one wants to see a child hurt..... and ultimately Cole has hurt himself. Someone should have gotten him help before it came to this......... Did he deserve what happened? Well, I'm going to give the bear that one. You don't attack a bear and not expect it to attack you back.......... Cole was arrogant and prideful. Very sad.


Touching Spirit Bear/ Chapter 8