Touching Spirit Bear

chapter 19

cole eperiences both of his moring rituals, the soak and carrying his ancestors, in a new way, which translates into a new way of thinking and feeling. describe how cole is changing

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Cole now takes his own initiative rather than just being told what to do by Garvey and Edwin. The two men retire to the tent while Cole does the wolf dance on his own. The lesson of the wolf dance is “that you need the help of others, like a wolf pack.”

The next morning, Cole is instructed to go on his own to the pond to soak in the freezing water and reflect on his anger. Then, he goes to the mountain to carry the “ancestor rock” up the mountain and then release his anger downwards as he rolled down the rock. Just as he finishes these soothing exercises, determined to change his life again, he sees the Spirit Bear in the woods.