Top Girls

how does the disruption of chronoiogical order monitor the audience`s response

chronological order of acts

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Churchill’s play draws upon techniques of surrealist theater, especially in Act 1. First and foremost, the dinner party collects female guests from various moments in history, and impossibly brings them together for a night of celebration in light of Marlene’s promotion. In addition, the group's interwoven, choppy dialogue is a departure from the ordered, linear progression that defines most dramatic writing. The women tell their stories in a dream-like, associative quality - an essential aspect of surrealist art. The play’s explicit political affiliations with left-wing socialism also connect it to traditions of surrealist art and theater, which sought to shatter the illusions of bourgeois society. In Acts 2 and 3, instances of unnerving behavior stand out as subtly surrealist elements with the power to upset the status quo – such as Angie’s macabre statement: "I put on this dress to kill my mother.”