To the Lighthouse

Determination theme of To the lighthouse ?

I have been commissioned to search on determination in To the lighthouse and The old man and the sea.
I was able to gather a large amount of information on the novel of the old man and the sea, but there is no information on the other novel about determination or something around that.

I need some sources tell about the determination theme of this novel .

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Check the link I posted above. It will give you a number of details for your essay.

The theme of determination is covered in detail though not named as such in Gradesaver's theme section. Gradesaver's theme page for the novel speaks to Mrs. Ramsay's determination to connect the people around her, to seek the unity she sees as absent. Mr. Ramsay is determined to achieve greatness in the workplace, to make a name for himself that will outlast the work itself..... he wants to live eternally through the words he puts on paper, to make a lasting difference. Lastly, there's Lily, who like Mr. Ramsay is determined to create are that will be seen and long appreciated.

is there any eassy , I want more informaion to get ready.