To Kill a Mockingbird

Why is it necessary for Atticus to show respect on top courage and integrity in Maycomb and or in General ?

Textual evidence and analysis

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"This was news, news that put a different light on things: Atticus had to, whether he wanted to or not. I thought it odd that he hadn't said anything about it-we could have used it many times defending him and ourselves. He had to, that is why he was doing it, equaled fewer fights and less fussing." Page 163


Atticus wanted to take the case so justice would be served, and never wanted his children believing he took it only because he had to. For Atticus, this case was about protecting human rights, and he wanted his children to understand that he cared deeply about this issue. Scout does not quite yet understand this, but the revelation allows the reader to see Atticus as, yet again, an excellent father and parent.