To Kill a Mockingbird

Why does Mr.Radley cement the tree and what does this tell us about his personality?

I already got the first part I just need help figuring out his personality it doesn't really state much and I don't really understand it. In chapter 7-8 in to kill a mockingbird.

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So , you know that Mr. Radley didn't want Boo leaving any "gifts" for Scout and Jem. The other part of your question simply illustrates the fact that Mr. Radley wanted Boo to remain isolated. He felt that Boo must remain shut out from the world as was promised to the judge so many years before. The reasons why Mr. Radley might do this to Boo are unclear. It would seem that Mr. Radley had just as many emotional and mental problems as Boo did. He was determined that Boo be just as much a recluse as he was.