To Kill a Mockingbird

Why does Cecil Jacob's feel insulted by Scout, whom she beat him up on school property?

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The most obvious reason for him to feel insulted is that he has been "put down" by a girl. Scout does not act like a lady, yet from Cecil's point of view, she is still somewhat inferior. Also, when she beats him up, she "beats up" some of his ideas.

Because she beats him up. She mentions to the readers that Cecil said that Scout's daddy defended a black nigger. That's true for most people, but in reality, it doesn't make sense to say a lawyer defended a black nigger for raping another folks's daughter.

In the book, Tom was found at the Ewell's house inside, and Tom was kneeling down to a 19 year old girl whom must be Bob Ewell's daughter. Tom was later taken to jail and the courthouse before he was killed. Judge Taylor says that Tom was found at the house and raped Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell's daughter. But it was on short notice that Tom was found guilty of raping Bob's daughter. You might get confused about what I'm saying John but don't worry. After the court casing of Tom Robinson, after he was killed, Bob Ewell attacked Jem and Scout on their way to the pageant. A few minutes later Jem was at home in bed because he broke his arm and was unconscious. Think back to that part: Bob Ewell attacking a lawyer's children was not a good idea, according to my answer explained. Scout mentions in the beginning about her 13 year old brother Jem Finch who broke his arm, or his elbow, (whichever comes first!). Later that same night, Heck Tate comes over to the Finches's house to talk about Bob Ewell who died that very same night. Heck Tate explains the death of Bob who apparently fell on his own kitchen knife while attacking Jem and Scout. Heck shows Atticus. Then after that, Heck goes into telling Atticus that Boo Radley, or Arthur killed Bob. Boo Radley wouldn't do such a thing because he hardly comes out to socialize. Boo wanted to protect Scout from getting killed which was a good thing. Boo comes over to the Finches house and sees Jem in his bed. Then Boo does something Scout never saw or heard him do: He asks her to walk him home.

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