To Kill a Mockingbird

why do you think makes up such fantastic stories? why is he fascinated with boo? what does he add to jems and scouts lives? is he largeley a positive or negative influence?


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I'm not sure about what your first question means.

-Did you mean Jem?

-Boo adds a sense of mystery to their lives. He also is able, through his actions, to teach tem life lessons.

-Boo is a positive influence on the kids. He is a testament to Atticus's lesson about not judging people until you see things in their shoes.

I think Dill is just plain old fun! He's a little boy, with a great imagination..... he's fascinated by Boo because Boo is the ultinate fantast. He can be whatever they want him to be. He adds a lightness to Jem and Scout's lives........... in some ways he's postive (attitude), in other ways his influence might be considered negative.... that sense of fun and imagination again.......