To Kill a Mockingbird

Why do Miss Calpurnia hates Scout so much?

like first three chapters i think i can't remember.

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Calpurnia loves Scout, as she loves the entire Finch family. She is housekeeper, nanny, mentor, and an extended part of the family.

Culprina does not hate Scout, infact she loves her and she tries to do what is best for her (Scout). She (Calpurina) is using her motherly instincts. To Scout her motherly instincts looks or shows up that she hates her. When the motherly instinct of some women kick in some children think that their parent is being harsh on them, but it turns out that the parent really cares for the child too much to let them do anything rong. There is a saying that the child that you go the hardest on is the same child that will make you proud in the end. The one which you are easy going wth is the one who will not know right from rong and turns out as a "bad apple."

Calpurnia does not hate Scout, she loves her very much and she tries to do what's best for both Scout and her older brother Jeremy [Jem]. It kinda seems like she doesn't like Scout huh?

The Finches’ black cook. Calpurnia is a stern disciplinarian and the children’s bridge between the white world and her own black community.